Chris Ying zeroes in on sustainable restaurants

Chris Ying says sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to be greener. Photo: Supplied

Californian chef Alice Waters guest-edited this week’s Epicure Good Food section, comissioning a range of interesting stories close to her heart. And mine as it turns out. I got to write about Chris Ying, editor of Lucky Peach Magazine and co-founder of ZeroFoodprint, a non-profit that is attempting to benchmark standards for sustainability in the restaurant trade.

Ying launched his organisation at MAD in Copenhagen earlier this year and has a great video where he explains the whole concept. In a nutshell, he’s trying to help restaurateurs reduce their carbon footprint. I included two Australians, Joost Bakker and the folks who run Cecconi’s in Flinders Lane, who are doing their bit but there are plenty more Aussies who care – I hope I can tell their stories soon, too.

At a time when some governments (including here in Australia) are showing little interest in this issue it’s great to hear about a few global citizens who are taking matters into their own hands. More power to Chris and everyone else trying to make a difference!

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