Home dried chilli flakes

A lovely house-sitter recently gifted us a thank you chilli plant. I’ve never had much success growing them myself but this one was already groaning with firey red fruit so the question was, what to do with it all?

A quick search online showed me how to dry my chillies in the oven. First, I had to pick ’em. My six-year-old buddy Ziggy helped me snip off a few…

After nixing the stems I cut them in half, lengthways. I like a bit of heat so I chose not to discard the seeds.

Then, into the oven for an hour and a half on 90 degrees Celsius, sticking a wooden spoon in the door to allow the moisture to escape.

Into the mortar they went and some pestle-action later…

I’m happy with the result but these babies are a little too hot for most of my cooking. Plus I prefer the smokey taste of the flakes I usually buy. Chilli-flake-making is obviously a real art but the good news is I’ve got plenty more to learn! Happy home-drying, folks.