Heartland Projects is go! Welcome to Melbourne’s newest bespoke creative agency

Emma Byrnes
Emma Byrnes, founder of bespoke creative agency Heartland Projects. Picture supplied.



Congratulatuions to my beautiful, talented wife Em – today she launches her new venture heartlandprojects.com. The bespoke creative agency is about collaborating with like-minded people on projects that resonate with her own ideas about creativity, business, and community.

“I’ve worked as a photographer, designer, copywriter and creative marketer for more than 20 years,” she says on her website. “My passion and expertise is in creating and innovating small businesses and launching unique brands into the market place.”

Em co-founded Plump Organic Grocery in 2002 and Harvest Textiles in 2010, which she describes as “a hybrid screen-printing company that sold limited-edition textiles, ran workshops and hosted more than 30 design events/collaborations over four years.”

It’s been so inspiring watching Em plan and evolve her new business as we emerge from the early-parenting funk of raising Alby, our eight-month-old baby boy. I’m an extraordinarily lucky guy to have these two – and our beautiful older children Arkie and Ziggy – in my life.

Be sure to check out her gorgeous photography here and follow her Heartland blog here.