Jack Caple and the Rats of Tobruk

Jack Caple (left) and his Bren gun carrier crew in Tobruk, 1941

Late in the week I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Caple, 95, a World War Two veteran and survior of the Siege of Tobruk, the battle of El Alamein and the fight against the Japanese army in Papua New Guniea. Read my story about Jack in today’s Saturday Age here. Jack signed up for two reasons: the help Britain and for the adventure of it (like most young recruits, he’d never been overseas before). He told me many interesting, poignant stories – too many to include in the article for The Age – for which I’m most grateful. Despite all the horrible things Jack saw he’s been able to maintain a great sense of humour and awareness of how lucky he is to be alive. Thanks, Jack.