Domain Review cover story: Elliot Perlman

My interview with Melbourne lawyer-turned-author Elliot Perlman featured on the Domain Review cover this week. COVID-19 restrictions have delayed the print edition, so here’s a link to the story (also pasted below), as well as pics showing the print layout, including great pics by Julian Kingma.

Perlman has been picked up by Paramount Television Studios in the US, who want him to adapt his latest novel, Maybe The Horse Will Talk, for tv. They also want his unique voice, so they’ve made him executive producer on the show as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book in preparation for our chat and can recommend – particularly if you have some connection with the law or lawyers (and let’s face it, who doesn’t!). Looking forward to the day when I can visit some of the great places mentioned in the book!

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Elliot Perlman adapts his Melbourne-based novel Maybe the Horse Will Talk for US television