Peter has written features, news stories, profiles and reviews since beginning his career as a journalist in 1998 (see his homepage for a selection). Below are some examples of his longer articles.

A bus ride to peril and beyond
The Age, Insight, May 10, 2014
Tim Smits was late for work. It was 10.30am on September 11, 2011, and the Melbourne-born graphic artist had been running to catch the bus that usually took him across town to his East London studio. He found a seat towards the back and caught his breath.
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Who lives in there?
theage(melbourne)magazine, March 27, 2009
Miles Lewis doesn’t drive. “Too dangerous,” says the architectural historian. He is so easily distracted by passing buildings that (for everyone’s sake) he refuses to get behind the wheel. “Public transport isn’t much safer, either,” he says. “I know of at least one academic who was hit by a bus stepping out on the road to take a photograph” …
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We’re going on a platypus hunt
theage(melbourne)magazine, September 28, 2007
Our eyes scan back and forth across the murky brown river, searching for ripples. It’s dusk and we’re perched with biologist Geoff Williams on the banks of the Yarra, 500 metres upstream from Dights Falls at Yarra Bend Park. We’re hunting platypus …
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Going Down
theage(melbourne)magazine, November 24, 2004
What: junk, archways and treasures
Where: under the State Library of Victoria
Take a wrong turn during a study break and you might find yourself wandering a maze of low archways in the cellars of the State Library, known by staff as “the catacombs”. Strewn among old furniture, building materials and out-of-date office equipment …
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